Show clients what your digital models and designs will look like in the real world

SightSpace Pro allows you to see your digital models and designs in the form of real-life buildings using mobile Augmented Reality technology. Communicate your vision, walk through deals with a powerful tool and win more business. Use with .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, .SKP, .KMZ, .KML, .DAE

Plug Digital Models into Reality

SightSpace Pro is a mobile tool that lets you see the world through the filter of your digital models. It turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful machine that blends virtual designs with real-world buildings, and allows your clients and collaborators to witness magic happen before their eyes.

  • Save Money

    Streamline communication between design and execution, convey your ideas to clients while on-site, and shield everyone from costly mid-project revisions.

  • Save Time

    Set bold visual precedents for clients and collaborators to follow, scan for errors during construction and design projects, and significantly reduce project delays.

  • Office-to-Field Communication

    SightSpace Pro integrates with every phase of your project including concept development, design, pre-construction planning, construction and on-going maintenance.

  • Provide Clear Context for Design and Plan Changes

    Compare your virtual design or plan changes to the backdrop of on-site buildings, and easily showcase powerful "before and after" visuals to clients in a live setting.

Compatible with Leading Software

SightSpace Pro works seamlessly with the most popular modeling and design file formats to provide you with a comprehensive Augmented Reality package.

Use With .DWG, Major Files Formats, and 3D Modeling Software

Load digital models from leading modeling software in .DWG format. Also works with Trimble SketchUp (.SKP), Google Earth, .KMZ, .KML, Collada (.dae), and more.

Cloud and Local Storage

Unlimited storage is provided for your digital designs on our secure SightSpace cloud server. You can also store designs on your local device, and load designs directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.

Close More Deals

Virtually walk through your designs, on-site, prior to and during construction to aid in client purchase decisions using Augmented Reality technology.

Includes Powerful Mobile Tools

Add Notes to models, view Dimensions, capture and share Photos, Bookmark favorite views, and Play All for quick animations. Also integrates with an external GPS for a more accurate Augmented Reality experience.

Share Designs Instantly

Share your designs using a SightSpace Share Code while also preserving model security. Send Share Codes to clients to share projects, or place them on blueprints to quickly view 2D designs in 3D.

One Account, Multiple Devices

Sign into your account on your Apple or Android devices to access SightSpace Pro from anywhere, at any time.

Annotate and Edit

Keep track of client suggestions and changes by adding freehand drawings and text to any SightSpace photo. Share your markups with colleagues for easy collaboration and faster project editing.

Experience Virtual Reality

Use with Google Cardboard for an easy, affordable and immersive Virtual Reality experience. Impress clients as they view your models and designs in powerful VR.

Virtual Tool, Real Business Benefits

SightSpace Pro for iOS and Android uses Augmented and Virtual Reality technology to let you communicate 3D models anywhere in the world.

  • Sign up for a SightSpace Pro account now to receive your free 24 hour trial
  • Rapidly share models to reduce miscommunication between project collaborators and clients
  • Capture, mark and annotate photos, view building dimensions, and scale your vision
  • Visualize the potential of any space, from living rooms to on-site buildings using Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Field-ready for easy on-the-go use, ideal for meeting with clients on short notice

Affordable Pricing

Only $20/month per user, or $199 billed annually

  • SightSpace Pro

    $ 20 month
    $ 199 year
    • English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified)
    • Integrates with all major 3D Modeling software formats (.DWG and more)
    • Load files directly onto your device, email, or cloud storage (SightSpace Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, 3D Warehouse)
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality for immersive visualization
    • No uploading/downloading from the web or additional software plugins required
    • Includes 24 hour free trial

Built for Professionals

Our clients include architects, interior designers, facility owners, contractors, field workers (technicians, machine operators), project managers, engineers (structural, electrical, mechanical) and more.

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